14 July 2024


Armicarb® is available through Agronaturalis’ distribution partners in Europe, as shown below:

Austria - Spiess-Urania Chemicals GmbH: www.spiess-urania.com
Belgium - Certis: www.certiseurope.be
Croatia - BIOinput: www.bioinput.hr
Czech Republic - Spiess-Urania Chemicals GmbH: www.spiess-urania.com
Denmark - DLG: www.dlg.dk
France - De Sangosse: www.desangosse.fr
Germany - Spiess-Urania Chemicals GmbH: www.spiess-urania.com
Greece - Agrology SA: Industrial Area of Thessaloniki, PO Box 1089, Sindos 57022, Thessaloniki, Greece,
tel. +30 2311 998600, fax. +30 2311 998601, email info@agrology.eu, www.agrology.eu
Italy - Certis: www.certiseurope.it
Italy - SCAM: www.scam.it

Luxemburg - Certis: www.certiseurope.be
Netherlands - Certis: www.certiseurope.nl
Poland - Agrosimex: www.agrosimex.pl
Portugal - Certis: www.certiseurope.es
Spain - Certis: www.certiseurope.es
Switzerland - Stähler Suisse SA: www.staehler.ch
UK - Certis: www.certiseurope.co.uk

Links to other sites:
AgChem Project Consulting (registrations): www.apc.eu.com
Armand Products (supplier): www.armandproducts.com
Artema (financial services): www.artema.co.uk

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